Museum of the Mill - The village of Wissant preserves the images of a still alive past: fishing boats called "Flobart", old houses and in the heart, the river of Herlen which widens in the reach of the mill.

Museum of the Mill in Wissant

Museum of the Mill in Wissant

The Moulin Museum forms, with the pool of the Hôtel de la Plage, a landscape marked by an atmosphere of the past.

Upon entering the courtyard of the Hôtel de la Plage, you will discover the wooden terrace, the preamble to an exhibition retracing the past of Wissant and its surroundings.

In the hotel, photos, objects, paintings, you will discover through history, all the richness of Wissant Bay and the history of local artisanal fishing.

The mill itself, with its interior, its machines made entirely of pine wood and its cast iron wheels, gradually lets you discover its fragrant air of flour and wax. A 1/10th animated model allows you to discover the Mill as it was in 1950.


Visit : 7€ per adulte, 4€ per child (-12 years old).
Minium 8 people, maximum 18 people.
Only by appointment.

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Museum of the Mill
Rue Arlette Davids - 62179 WISSANT
Tél : 06 41 15 95 13