Bar & Restaurant

We prioritize local, homemade and seasonal products.

The bar is open every day with on-the-go catering, snack options. Board games are available to our customers. Several spaces are available: the charm of the hotel reception room with its historic bar, the outdoor patio, the cosy fireplace or the terrace.

The restaurant offers homemade dishes made with fresh products from local producers (regional cuisine and seafood). You will have the opportunity to discover our different dining rooms, in particular our beautiful stone room with fireplace overlooking the pond, the hotel's historic dining room, the patio, the terrace on the river (everyone will find what they are looking for).

The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner from Thursday to Monday inclusive.

Breakfast can be taken in the allocated room with the magnificent collection of paintings from the Wissant school, outside on the terrace or on the patio.

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Our menu

We mainly source via short circuit supply from the following local suppliers:

* Organic vegetables & soup and fruits from Guillaume Douchet in Beuvrequen and Wissant

* Potatoes from Marielle & Philippe at their farm in Aix-En-Insart,

* Crabs & lobsters from Francine Baillet in Audresselles,

* Mussels from the Seillier brothers in Ambleteuse,

* Smoked fish “home-made” at the Hôtel de la plage,

* Fish, crustaceans depending to arrivals,

* Beef and pig from Mr Fourdinier at the farm of Saint Pô (Wissant),

* Lamb from Boulonnais, butcher's shop "Au Petit Chef" in Marquise,

* Poultry from Boulonnais, Peniguel in Wirwignes,

* Cheeses from the Bernard brothers in Wierre-Effroy,

* Ice cream from the Mionet farm in Leubringhen,

* Bread from the artisanal bakery "Cap gris nez" in Audinghen,

* Flowers of salt and mustard from the 2 Capes.